NJ man takes terminally ill dog on bucket list adventure across country

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JERSEY CITY, N.J. (PIX11) -- If you thought bucket lists were reserved for only humans, you clearly never met Poh the dog.

The 15-year-old pup recently hit the road with his owner Thomas Neil Rodriguez on a cross-country adventure after getting the unfortunate news that the end was near.

“We found out he had multiple tumors [that were] inoperable, and that he had a limited time to live,” Rodriguez told PIX11 News.

Instead of counting down the days, Rodriguez who makes a living as a DJ, departed his pad in Jersey City and went exploring the country with his buddy.

Rodriguez is constantly on the road, landing gigs for various events under the stage name of DJ Neil Armstrong and made this adventure part of what was already a business trip.

“I decided it would be better for us to enjoy it and have a bucket list adventure for him to get to swim, to see something new instead of staying in this environment,” he said.

“You could tell his energy was way up when he got to dip his feet in the ocean.”

From Austin to Santa Monica, Poh’s 35-city, 12,000 mile adventure was all documented on Instagram where the pup’s followers have even surpassed those of Rodriguez’s.

“One of the messages that always comes up is that people wish that they were able to do something like this with their pet before they had passed,” the Jersey City man said, referring to the many messages he receives via social media.

“I’m in a fortunate situation where my lifestyle, my career allows me that freedom to just get up and go.”

Rodriguez admits he will be adopting again after Poh passes on but until then he is going to spend as much time with the pup as possible.

“Basically you can never prepare for it. Right now I am just trying to enjoy my life with him as much as I can.”