Busy dumpster diving season continues as college students begin to move out

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MANHATTAN (PIX11)-- The sign lights outside of The Ed Sullivan Theatre are out now.

The day after the final show last week, fans were dumpster diving for parts of the set, and for other items like chairs or papers.

As for dumpster diving, pictures of it are popping up on social media, apparently it is happening near colleges as students move out this May. It's not just outside the Theatre.

Students we spoke with have mixed feelings on the practice.

"I think it's pretty resourceful if people are throwing it out in the garbage," Shamaya Wiliiams, an NYU students said. "I don't see what the problem is."

"Cards and test papers, I wouldn't want anybody going through that," one student said.

Don't hold your breath for the iconic sign outside The Ed Sullivan Theatre. Sources tell PIX11, it will be put in storage and as much of it will preserved as possible.