Backstage on Broadway: Stars of Tony-nominated “Fun Home” discuss how show breaks down barriers, relates to everyone

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He ran the State's Attorney office on "The Good Wife" but now Tony winner Michael Cerveris is running a funeral home and a dysfunctional family in the hit Broadway musical Fun Home.

“It’s equal part fun and home," Cerveris said. "And home is a lot of complicated things.”

It follows the real-life journey of Alison Bechdel, a famous cartoonist, as she tries to find herself. The story was adapted from Bechdel's 2006 graphic memoir of the same name.

“This is the time when the world needs it because they need to realize people need to be who they are," Sydney Lucas said. "Because if they don’t, the consequences could be devastating.”

11-year-old Sydney Lucas shines as "Young Alison," in her very first professional job.

“My part of the story is a young girl who’s trying to connect with her father," Lucas explained. "And she has feelings that she can’t explain but in a way she knows she’s different and later she comes out.”

The story takes may twists and turns as she struggles with her sexuality. Providing comedic insight is "Adult Alison," played by Beth Malone.

“As a gay person, and a gay activist and as a person who is just an actress with a same sex relationship, I’m just a working actor who has never gotten to play someone like myself so that has been extraordinary,” Malone explained.

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Fun Home is relatable to everyone.

“There are so many different aspects of family existence that people are connecting to,” Malone said. “It’s so much fierce, ferocious love underneath all of the tragedy”

These on-stage relationships feel so real because of the camaraderie and commitment off stage.

“Beth and I took a trip to beach creek and visited the town and visited Alison’s house, stayed in her house, I think all of that has made it so real,” Cerveris remembered.

Lots of the fun comes from the catchy tunes.

“What I love about "Come to The Fun Home" is it’s a song where the kids aren’t being seen and you have to dance like nobody’s watching you," Lucas smiled. "You should see the backstage show," Cerveris laughed.

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“It really is a beautiful, honest, complicated tale we’re spinning out just like one little moment at a time,” Malone said.

Moments that have earned Fun Home 12 nominations at this year's Tony Awards.

Fun Home is currently playing at the Circle in the Square Theatre.

Produced by: Kim Pestalozzi