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Etan Patz jurors gather at site of boy’s disappearance for anniversary memorial

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SOHO, Manhattan (PIX11) -- Passersby were moved to tears as they added candles to the memorial created by seven jurors from the Etan Patz murder mistrial.

The jurors placed white roses and yellow tulips near the cellar door at West Broadway and Prince Street where these jurors and prosecutors believe the six-year-old was led to his death by former bodega clerk Pedro Hernandez 36 years ago.

May 25 is also the day Ronald Reagan named National Missing Children's Day in Etan's memory. And on this Memorial Day, the seven jurors from Part 42 left a letter which read:

"Dear sweet Etan, We have learned so much about you over the past 4+ months. We are so sorry you never had a chance to live your life. We wish we could've done so much more to provide some sort of closure, but we will continue to support the fight for justice."

Jurors were bitter about the one lone holdout who caused a mistrial after 18 days of deliberations.

"Personally, I am very sad that we could not bring a resolution to this case," Jennifer O'Connor, juror #10, said at the time the mistrial was declared.

The jurors who created the memorial are planning to attend the first day of the retrial on June 10 to support the Patz family.

Some neighbors will be there as well.

"I find it very touching that the jurors created this memorial," Michael Schmutzer, a Soho neighbor, said. "They know this case better than anyone."

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