Woman weighing just 40 pounds pleading for help funding anorexia treatment

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(PIX11) — A woman dying from anorexia — who weighs just 40 pounds — is desperately trying to fund the medical treatment she says she needs to save her life.

Rachel Farrokh is 5’7″ and says she once weighed a healthy 125 pounds. The California woman has been battling anorexia for 10 years and has been in treatment several times, but her weight has plummeted to a life-threatening low. Her husband Rod Edmondson had to quit his job to take care of her full time.

Farrokh says hardly any hospitals will admit her for treatment and re-feeding because she’s too much of a liability.

“Rachael decided to keep this on the down low for people not to worry and also due to the shame of the disorder. Her days are limited if we don’t take action immediately,” Edmondson wrote on the GoFundMe page set up to raise money to get Farrokh to a treatment center.

“There is only one hospital in the country that specializes in refeeding patients at such a low body weight and it’s my mission to get her there. If she receives too many calories her metabolism will kick up and she will lose even more weight. This is a VERY delicate medical situation. Hospitals won’t admit her because she is a liability for them. She doesn’t meet their minimum weight requirement and they don’t have the knowledge or capabilities to save her. She is at a critical point.”

The couple hopes to raise enough money to cover her medical bills and overall treatment.

“If you are not in the position to help us financially, please keep us in your prayers and pass the link on your Facebook timeline. Someone you know may be able to help or maybe it will at least bring awareness to how deadly and widespread this disease is. This disease comes with an incredible amount of pain, emotionally, physically and mentally but it is often oversimplified,” Edmondson wrote.

To donate to Farrokh’s treatment, click here.