Gunning for trouble: Howard looks at gun store owner’s dilemma

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(PIX11) -- Mark Felix sums up his life this way: “I don’t have a life any more.”

He believes a trio of forces is responsible for that: the ATF, Wells Fargo and his former fiancé, Julie Shields.

Mark lives with his nephew Wes in Nassau County.  But this started back in 2002 when Mark owned a gun store in Las Vegas called National Survival.  There was an incident at his store and he wound up reporting an allegedly drunk cop to internal affairs.

In 2007 he foiled a supposed robbery at the store.  But police wound up charging him! An eventual assault conviction (for injuring the alleged robber’s elbow with a knife) meant probation.  He gave up day-to-day control of the gun shop to a woman who had become his fiancé, Julie Shields.

There were undercover ATF operations at the store.

“Well it looks like ATF was trying to set me up to commit a crime so they could bust me for a crime! And the only reason to bust me for a crime is to take me away from the store completely.”

Mark says Julie signed checks she had no authority to write and Wells Fargo improperly honored them.

Now he says he has no job, no home, no life. He’s trying to get back the thousands he says those checks cost him.

The ATF told us all of Mark’s accusations are false.  Julie’s attorney says she never signed anything she didn’t have the authority to sign. And Wells Fargo wouldn’t comment, saying it can’t discuss a customer’s business.