Black bear spotted in Yonkers neighborhood

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YONKERS (PIX11)-- The residents living in the Francis Reagan Townhouses in Yonkers got an unexpected visitor early Tuesday.

"I saw a bear just strolling," Carry Ann, a resident who spotted the large beast said. "I was like 'oh my god a bear.'"

Estimated to be around 150 pounds, it was standing right in front of her front lawn.

Yonkers police responded about 1:30 a.m. Tuesday. They saw the bear as well.

"It was interesting to see a bear in such an urban area," Carry Ann's brother, who's a soldier in West Point said. "It looks like it was looking for food."

Residents are worried, summer is coming and kids will play outside.

"We got too many kids around here," a neighbor said.

Yonkers police offered these tips when seeing a bear:

  • Never approach or surround a bear
  • Use noise to scare bears
  • Don't leave garbage near your home or garage
  • Mask the smell of garbage with ammonia soaked rags