Retired cop ‘Tony Bees’ helps clear out Queens bedroom filled with 40K bees

Posted at 1:55 PM, May 19, 2015
and last updated 2015-05-19 13:55:37-04

FLUSHING, Queens -- A retired NYPD detective and bee expert came to the rescue of a Queens woman who discovered a massive hive of bees living under her bedroom floor.

Mary Jean Dyczko tells PIX11 News she first noticed several hundred bees around her Flushing house in July 2014.

"I was scared, definitely, for the past year," Dyczko said. "I couldn't enjoy my backyard. It wasn't like I could invite people over and hang out with bees."

She eventually contacted retired Det. Anthony Planakis,  aka "Tony Bees," for help with her sticky situation. On Monday, he discovered there were around 40,000 bees under her bedroom floor -- they were tucked in an overhanging ceiling in the back of her house.

Tony Bees used an infrared camera to locate the hive, then a pole camera to look inside the hive before extraction.

"I watched the the whole process," Dyczko said. "It took a couple of hours. It was a wonderful process to see. He [Tony] has a passion."

The bees were then carried out on large chunks of honeycomb, and vacuumed up to be carried to their new home.

"They had to take out the siding and a bit of the wood, and it was absolutely worth it," Dyczko said. "I didn't hate the bees enough to want them destroyed. But I didn't love them enough to stay! I just wanted them taken away humanely."

A firefighter, who has been a beekeeper for six years, gladly relocated the bees, along with their queen, to his hives in upstate New York.