Here’s how to survive New York City

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- Let's face it, getting by in New York City can be pretty tough.

There's a reason Frank Sinatra said if you can make it here you can make it anywhere.

Now the Comedy Central TV show @midnight is asking New Yorkers to share their tips under #HowToSurviveNYC.  And so far the results have been pretty hilarious.

"Don't make eye contact with anyone, um, lesson learned."

"Make money if it's the last thing you do."

From averting your gaze to becoming a billionaire we could all use a little help getting through the day to day in NYC.

While those may seem obvious, there are a few tips you might have never thought of, and few you probably could have lived without.

"The first day that you're in New York just like lick a subway pole and you'll be totally fine."

The friendly, sometimes sarcastic advice is rolling in thanks to the social media game show @midnight on Comedy Central.

Tips like "Don't Instagram while you Jaywalk" and "do NOT suddenly stop walking in the middle of the sidewalk.  Ever."

For New York newcomers like Evan Delpeche who recently moved from Rhode Island the advice is welcome and necessary.

"Do they make eye contact over there?"

" They do.  I mean less people," said Delpeche.  "Everybody's more interactive."

Which is why Shelby Tucker says the real key to survive NYC is to always remain skeptical.

"Somebody's like oh can I use your phone and you're like sure," said Tucker.  "And then they run off and you're like hold on come back!"

But Miguel Rameriez says the problem is there's a different set of rules for every neighborhood in every borough.

"Brooklyn, some parts of Brooklyn you have to act tough, you gotta be tough.  And some other areas you don't have to be that way," said Ramirez.

And after all as Katerine Timpf pointed out on twitter: "If you don't know #HowToSurviveNYC, leave. You're taking up room on the 6 train."

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