Trial begins for undercover NYPD detective in biker melee

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- With his head covered, undercover NYPD Detective Wojciech Braszczok said nothing to reporters outside of a New York Supreme Court.  The trial against him and another biker, Robert Sims, began Monday morning as both face assault charges relating to a now infamous viral video.

The video shows dozens and dozens of bikers swarming the West Side of Manhattan as they take over the roads and eventually allegedly antagonize Alexian Lien and his family.

For the first time Lien spoke out publicly in a courtroom.  He admitted his wife threw a half eaten plum and bottle of water at the bikers out of frustration, but said she never made contact.

Lien was pensive, as he described feeling scared and threatened for his family.  His small daughter was in the back seat.

When video showing Lien drive over one biker, Lien choked up as he tearfully described being surrounded by bikers and feeling them kick his SUV.  At one point he said a biker came right next to his drivers side window, which is when he repeatedly he asked his wife what to do.  She responded, according to Lien, to just go and when he did he said he knew he hit someone.

This case will not be heard by a jury, but instead by Judge Maxwell Wiley.

Attorney Luther Williams representing Sims told our cameras it was a decision he was not entirely comfortable with.

"I've only done two non juries in my 37 years, so I'm a little bit uncomfortable with it myself however I do have a young man who will take the lead in that," said Williams.

Each altercation described as scene 1, scene 2 and scene 3 was shown one at a time.  Scene 3  ended with Lien describing how his driver's side window was smashed open, he was pulled out and beaten.

The judge was shown images showing the brutality of the attack, including Lien's bloodied face and bruised body and also minor injuries suffered by his wife and toddler daughter.

Lien's testimony was cross examined by both defense attorneys, during which both questioned whether Lien was instead the antagonizer.

Lien also admitted he is still considering lawsuit against the city.

Court will reconvene Tuesday morning at 10 a.m.