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Kanye West smiled for a second and nearly broke the internet

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- Kanye West – known for his innovative music, pretentious rants and storming award show stages whenever he damn well pleases – has built a reputation for being the Debbie Downer of almost every situation he finds himself in.

Always pouting. Never happy. Sad face all day every day.

When the rapper was caught by cameras chatting it up court-side with Scottie Pippen during the Cleveland Cavaliers-Chicago Bulls game Sunday, something unbelievable happened.

He smiled (for a second.)

As soon as he spotted the camera however, Mr. West returned to the sad pout we have long associated him with. But thanks to the internet, we get to relive this moment over and over and over again.

Try 10 million times. That’s how many views this clip has already gotten on Vine.

Until the next Kanye half-smile, we’ll be watching and waiting Yeezus.

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