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Howard helps man whose car was swiped in the middle of the night

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) --  I get the feeling there’s more to this story than meets the eye.  But we figured we’d try to help out Mike Robledo of East New York, Brooklyn.

He says his car was stolen in the middle of the night from in front of his house. The church across the street, St. Paul Community Baptist Church, has surveillance cameras that caught the incident.  Mike got a look at the video and he says he’d like to have it to bring to police. But the church didn’t give it to him.

Mike: “They told me to call law enforcement to look at the footage. They can’t give me the footage.”

Howard: “You didn’t take a shot of it with your cell phone? “

Mike: “No, I didn’t think of it.”

The video shows a tow truck hauling his car away. But Mike says it’s a 2005 car, he paid cash and doesn’t owe a penny on it.  It was stolen, not repossessed.

So, ok, this can’t be too hard I thought. I brought Mike inside St. We spoke with a fellow named Durand, the head of church security.  He said they get so many requests; they can’t keep letting people have their video.  But, he said it would be fine for Mike to shoot it on his phone as Durand played it back.

So, Mike has his video to bring to police.  We hope he gets his car back. And we wonder what is going on with the phantom tow truck in East New York.