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Victim of upskirting creep launches website after she says NYPD didn’t help her

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- "The  guy lifted up my skirt and put his phone under it to take a picture up my skirt," described the latest victim of a subway creeper.

It happened in a matter of seconds.

This young woman, who asked PIX11 not to use her name or show her face, said during her Thursday morning commute to work she was violated at the Fulton Street subway station in lower Manhattan.

"I felt what felt like a  draft up my skirt and I was listening to a podcast, so I wasn't  very aware of what was going on around me but then the woman next to me started screaming 'what're you doing'," she said.

Before she knew it the creep who snapped the picture was running away.  One of the women who witnessed the entire thing however said she got a picture of the guy.

"So, my witness was on the lookout for this guy because this happened to her back in April and she was able to get a picture of him but she was never able to report it or find him after," explained the victim.

Police were called, but this woman said  she was stunned by their lack of assistance.

The young paralegal, who is going to law school, took matters into her own hands. Overnight, she created a website to provide a play by play of what happened to her in hopes it will help catch the culprit.

"I wanted to alert people about the creep in Fulton Street as well as make it known that our police may not be well equipped to assist victims of sexual offenses in the subway," she wrote in the blog. "I also wanted to raise awareness about how often this happens to people and how often we’re expected to just accept it as a condition of living in the city."

In an update, she said she received two calls on Saturday from NYPD.

"The lines of communication have opened," she wrote.

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