Can’t hold it together? Japanese hotel offers “crying room” sanctuaries

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TOKYO, Japan (PIX11) — The Mitsui Garden Hotel Yotsuya is offering “crying rooms” to help clients “de-stress” by giving them a safe space to bawl their eyes out.

Time reports that for the cost of 10,000 Japanese Yen or 85 USD, per person, the hotel will provide a private room with tissues and warm eye masks. They also have about a dozen sentimental movies, half in English including Forrest Gump, and The Notebook. The service will be available until August 31.

A representative told Time this service is offered “because Japanese ladies in their 20s-40s are often said to live a life of stress.”

On their website, they say “the moment you pass through our entrance you are filled with a feeling of relief.” They attribute this relaxing quality to “the governing women in charge of planning, design, and construction of the hotel.” They say their “feminine gentleness and sensibility joined with practicality creates balance.”

They also offer an entire floor for women only. The rooms offer a cosmetics kit, facial steamer, humidified air cleaner and all the equipment for tea time you’ll need.