As search for Dallas BBQ suspect continues, BK-based organization talks self defense

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CHELSEA (PIX11) - The video continues to be one of the most talked about around the city.  A man slamming a chair on a gay couple at the Dallas BBQ in Chelsea. As of Thursday night, NYPD detectives were investigating Tuesday night's attack as a hate crime.

Earlier in the day the department released a more crisp and clear image from inside Dallas BBQ of the well dressed assailant walking into the restaurant before the attack.

Additionally, Governor Andrew Cuomo tweeted, "Outraged by this anti-LGBT attack in Chelsea. NY is no place for bigotry."

The governor ending his tweet with a request for anyone who may have witnessed anything to contact police,

"I was pretty horrified that this is happening and it still happens even though I know that it happens everyday," said Tracy Hobson, Executive Director for the Center of Anti-Violence Education.

The 40-year-old organization is based in Brooklyn but works in all five boroughs according to Hobson.  The organization that works with women and children as well as members of the LGBT community, has offered free self-defense courses  for years, "We live in a world unfortunately where the LGBT community members are really being attacked daily and so it's not only people on the street, but it's also people we know and there are different ways that we can deescalate situations and it's pretty important to know that we live in a society like this and try to learn some techniques to not only help ourselves but other people, because this happening around us too."

Dallas BBQ had a sign placed on its front door saying that it is saddened by Tuesday's altercation.  Hobson says that incidents like the one that played out in front of surveillance cameras and customers translates to more participants at her free self-defense courses, "We see a rise in our classes when something is publicized.  So the fact is, this is happening all the time, but when their is publication about it and when it is on the news and people realize this is a resource then yes we definitely see an uptick."

Hobson also added that she expects to see few extra members in class this week.