9 things to teach your child before a stranger approaches them

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The Rose Brucia Educational Foundation recommends teaching your children these important tips:

  1. Getting to know you – practice performing a formal introduction with your child
  2. Define the word STRANGER: Any person that you do not know
  3. Advise your child to NEVER trust or go somewhere with a STRANGER
  4. Show your child that a STRANGER may lie to them or trick them
  5. Beware STRANGERS bearing gifts -remind your child that you never get something for nothing
  6. Teach your child to always use the BUDDY SYSTEM and always go somewhere with a friend
  7. Establish a SECRET WORD with your child – tell them that anyone who claims to be sent by you
  8. MUST know this word and they are never to go with anyone who doesn’t know the SECRET WORD
  9. Practice dialing 911 for emergency purposes
  10. Play observation games with your child to practice refining their awareness skills