WATCH: Contestant’s answer stuns ‘Family Feud’ host

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(PIX11) — The question seemed simple enough: “Name something women wear that you think was desgined by a man because it’s uncomfortable but sexy.”

High-heels may come to mind. Maybe even a certain type of underwear. But how about the Lone Star state? That was the answer from a confident — yet perplexing — contestant on “Family Feud.”

Ryland told host Steve Harvey his answer is Texas. His family stood right by his side.

“Texas? You mean, T-E-X-A-S?” a confused Harvey asked, to be sure.

Rylan was emphatic, standing by his answer.

“Texas,” he said, pointing to the board. “It’s up there, Steve.”

To the surprise of no one, “Texas” was not on the board.

“Boy, you crazy,” Harvey said with a huge smile.

Sure, Ryland’s answer was “crazy.” But it may have a hard time competing with this woman’s embarrassing and hilarious answer on the show earlier this year.