Howard gets a smile and a refund

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) -- Crystal Howell of Brooklyn needed a car. She spotted what she wanted at a used car dealership she regularly passed on her way home: Hamilton Avenue Auto Sales.  It was a 2005 Audi A4. Price: $6,000.

She had to put $100 down.  But when Crystal returned, guess what.

“When I came back he told me the car was sold! He said you know what I’ll make a deal with you. You can find another car. But you have to put down $1000 to hold this car for good.”

So Crystal gave them another grand. And when she returned ... you guessed it. “Again it was sold! At that point I told him can I have my money back?”

That’s when Crystal started getting a run around and that’s when she contacted me.  We paid a visit to Hamilton Avenue Auto.  I saw the guy who appeared to be the boss beat a retreat as we approached.  I left my card and told one of his people that I’d be back.

A few days later Crystal and I did go back. This time we met the guy in charge, a fellow named Larry.

“If you bring me something like this and you’re not happy with the deal we give you a smile and a refund.”

So I asked the obvious question, “Can we have a smile and a refund please?”

Larry’s smile wasn’t so big. But he did write Crystal a check for the full $1,100.  Thanks, Larry.