Divisive sticker posted in Brooklyn police precinct

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) -- "Now we have to walk into local police precincts and see that. First thing you see on the desk," said Linda Sarsour, a community activist.

What Sarsour is referring to is a sticker posted on a desk at the 62nd Precinct reading "Stand with the PROTECTORS, NOT the protestors."

"It speaks to me. I'm a protestor, I'm a police reform activist. If I'm going to go into my local police department to report a crime or support one of my clients and that's the first thing that I see there, it doesn't exactly leave a good taste in my mouth," she said.

Sarsour, among many others, outraged. They believe the divisive sticker lumps those who are practicing their First Amendment rights to march and rally with the likes of criminals.

"There shouldn't be a choice between standing with [the] NYPD and standing with protestors. Protestors are asking for justice accountability and transparency," Sarsour said. "And you would think the NYPD would want the same."

The Justice League's Tamika Mallory shares Sarsour's view. She was among at times thousands of protestors who filled up New York City streets, demanding reform from the NYPD. Today, she feels her efforts as being mocked.

"I think it's another example of how the relationship between the community and the NYPD," Mallory said. "What supervisor would allow something like that to be there and why was it not addressed?"

Both Mallory and Sarsour agree simple signs like this one can be dangerous to the larger discussion we are seeing play out across our nation; rallies, marches, protestors out in hundreds and at times thousands fighting for the civil rights African Americans and other minority communities.

Here in New York, supporting the families of Ramarley Graham and Eric Garner. In Ferguson following the shooting death of Michael Brown.

And now in Baltimore for Freddie Gray.

An NYPD spokesperson says the sticker has been removed from the precinct and they do not have knowledge of any other precincts posting the sticker.  The department also says the sticker was not printed by the NYPD.