The MOMS: Advice for parents from a mom in a trans family

Posted: 7:40 AM, Apr 27, 2015
Updated: 2015-04-27 10:36:07-04

(PIX11) -- Amid unprecedented trans visibility and days after former Olympian and reality TV star Bruce Jenner came out as transgender, The MOMS were joined by Jodie Patterson, a mother in a trans family, who shared her advice for other families:

1) Parents, be the rock of your family. Do the research. Get informed. And lead your team.

2) Encourage diversity of thought in your home. Allow for open, honest and respectful conversations around different ideas and feelings to be discussed amongst siblings. It mirrors the real world. It takes away the tension. It equips children's with the ability to face diversity without getting rattled. It encourages respect.

3) Find a trans-community to be part of. There are great organizations that meet regularly and will keep you informed on the LGBTQI community. PFLAG is ours!

4) Find a trans-friend similar in age for your child. This will normalize the feeling of being trans. There are great family sleep away camps for trans kids and trans families.

5) Watch age appropriate documentaries and commentary regarding transgender on TV & YouTube with your kids. Snuggle and talk about what you've watched.

6) Preemptively speak with schools, sports groups, doctors, camps, friends and family about your child being transgender and choose to work with them accordingly to their response.

7) Say the word Transgender out loud frequently so that it no longer is a shameful word. Embrace it! Own it!