Subway Series takes Bronx by storm as Yanks aim to slow Mets roll

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- It was the calm before the storm at Yankee Stadium Friday afternoon. This as the Subway Series was gearing up for its first pitch.  However, the atmosphere at the Mets Clubhouse store on 42nd Street was was a bit more restless, "It's going to be a beatdown in the Bronx," said Peter Protentis.

The season-ticket holder who attended his first Mets game back in 1968 says this Subway Series already has drama because, "We're going for the record."

Meanwhile at the Yankees Store on 59th Street, business was far from brisk. There was even one customer, John Russell, who went in and shopped with another team in mind: "New York City Football Club."  When asked to verify again that he purchased a New York City Football Club item on this the first day of the Subway Series? Russell stated, "That's correct. Is that OK?"

If one is a Mets fan, then by all means.

Meanwhile as the the Mets go for 12 wins in a row, the added intrigue has only made tickets more inflated in the secondary market. Especially those seats where one is guaranteed a good view.  StubHub had seats to Game 1 behind the Yankees dugout listed for approximately $704 per ticket.

What is Mets pitcher Victor Black's perspective on the high cost for tickets? "There are not many sporting events that I would pay money to go see and this is one of them."

Black spoke with PIX11 News Friday afternoon in Midtown as he continues to recover from an injury.  Black says he won't be back for approximately another two weeks, but he did convey quite candidly what it feels like not to be able to take the mound against the Mets crosstown rivals.

"It absolutely sucks. This is something that I want to be a part of and not just for me, this is my family and so when you're not able to participate and be there with the guys and be a part of it, it's a tough deal."

Quite a change from his days as youngster in Amarillo, Texas where Black admits that when it came to the significance of the Subway Series, "I honestly had no idea."

However Wallace Matthews is a guy who knows the Subway Series and its history all too well: "I was here for the first one when Dave Mlicki threw the shutout against the Yankees way back in '97."

Matthews is a Yankees beat writer for He has seen some spirited games unfold in the past, but nothing compares to one historic series: "A lot of really cool stuff has happened but honestly the only one that has really mattered was the World Series in 2000."

However, in 2015 the Mets seem to be the more popular team in the city.  This said, outside of the city, the Yankees are deeply rooted in the mindset of sports fans as New York's marquee franchise and Matthews has a reason for this.

"I think the Yankees are just a national phenomenon. I really do, like the Dallas Cowboys, I think they market themselves very well and don't forget the United States wants to be on the side of a winner and for some reason people still perceive the Yankees as the ultimate winners."

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