For second day in a row, coyote spotted in Manhattan

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UPPER WEST SIDE, N.Y. (PIX11) -- From the looks of it, coyotes are a fan of opera, too.

Photographer David Torres spotted a little one trotting outside Damrosch Park, just a short walk away from Lincoln Center, early Thursday and snapped a picture of the canine.

Here's a coyote running on a sidewalk near Lincoln Center. (Photo: David Torres)

Here's a coyote running on a sidewalk near Lincoln Center. (Photo: David Torres)

This latest sighting adds to numerous ones that have piled up in recent weeks, including one in which a coyote popped up for a stroll in Riverside Park Wednesday. The coyote in the park eluded captured by police.

Pat Thomas, associate director of the Bronx Zoo, said these four-legged creatures are beginning to move into suburban and even urban environments.

New York City Parks Department Urban Ranger Sarah Aucion said the public shouldn't be worried and instead thank the wild animals for their unique benefits.

“They eat rats,” Aucion said. “They eat mice, they eat small mammals, they are performing eco-system services for us.”

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