New Jersey town on high alert after second coyote attack this month

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NORWOOD, N.J. (PIX11) --  The town of Norwood is on high alert after a second coyote attack was reported in the area.

The coyote was captured in New Jersey near where a man was bit on the leg while walking his dog, but authorities fear there could be more aggressive creatures near neighborhoods and schools.

This was the second coyote attack in Bergen County this month. A coyote that tested positive for rabies was euthanized after it attacked a man in Saddle River earlier this month. Police said the latest animal has been taken to a state lab for testing.

Police Chief Jeffrey Krapels told PIX 11, before the coyote was captured, “last night around 7 o'clock one of our patrol cars was attacked by a coyote. It started biting the tires.”

The animal was tracked down and captured in the backyard of a Summit Street home, it was and shot and killed after displaying aggressive behavior. But Norwood officials say two coyote dens were also spotted last night and there is concern more sick animals may be at large.

As a precaution, outdoor recess was cancelled at Norwood Public School on Summit Street Tuesday, “we are still urging people to stay inside at the school, to stay safe at the school,” said Mayor James Barsa.

Chief Krapels told PIX 11 he believes there is also a rabid coyote on the loose in the Fox Hill neighborhood, which is responsible for the Sunday evening attack on resident Stephen Sinisi.

Coyote spotted outside Norwood public school. (Justin Puliatte)

Coyote spotted outside Norwood public school. (Justin Puliatte)

"If you live in the Fox Hill section of town," Norwood Mayor James Barsa warned residents, "you keep your children and pets inside right now until the situation is resolved."

The latest incident happened on Sunday when a wild coyote bit a man while he walked his dog on McClellan Street in the Fox Hill neighborhood.

"I could feel something on my back leg like a clamp," Stephen Sinisi said, recalling the painful ordeal. "He must have ran up and bit me in seconds. I didn't even see it.”

Sinisi drove himself to a hospital and began treatment for possible exposure to rabies as a precaution.

That same day, Norwood Police Chief Jeffrey Krapels had a close call with a coyote.

"I saw a coyote and it was tracking me. Following me around," he told PIX11 News.

In another instance, an aggressive coyote attacked the tires of a police car on Villa Court Monday.  Officers tried to capture the animal, but it ran away.

Krapels said in his time as chief, he's never heard of a case in the area of a coyote attacking a human.

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