Comptroller Scott Stringer alleges mistreatment at city animal shelters

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NEW YORK (AP) — City Comptroller Scott Stringer says New York’s overcrowded animal shelters put many sick dogs and cats to death. He says some of the carcasses are refrigerated near expired vaccines administered to living animals.

Stringer held a news conference Sunday to report findings of an audit of shelters run by Animal Care & Control. The non-for-profit organization rescues homeless or abandoned animals, working under a city contract.

Shelters are located in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island. Animal Care & Control issued a statement saying it’s cooperating with the comptroller to provide the best possible care.

Stringer was joined in an Upper West Side park by animal advocates.

Rhonda Glass, a 75-year-old Manhattan resident, came with a Shih Tzu wearing a coat marked “Adopt Me.” The rescued dog is awaiting adoption.