Shooting at Marcy Houses leaves 16-year-old dead, cousin, 13, injured

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BEDFORD STUYVESANT, Brooklyn (PIX11) -- Sherwayne Bascom is in disbelief that his 16-year-old son Dontea is gone—the victim of a shooting Friday night outside the Marcy Houses in Brooklyn.

“He’s always happy, always gives his heart to everybody.  I didn’t expect this to happen,” said the distraught father of 12.

Bascom said the last time he saw Dontea was 4:30 p.m. Friday afternoon.  About two and a half hours later, the ninth grader was shot in the groin and rushed to Kings County Hospital Center where he died of his wound.  His 13-year-old cousin Michael was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center where he’s expected to recover from shots to his chest and leg.

“I hope he gets better,” said Bascom.  “It’s sad, you know, a little 13-year-old they try to kill.  Sad that my son lost his life.”

Witnesses described a scene of chaos with bullets flying everywhere, and people ducking for cover.

Memphis Waddell was sitting outside close to where the gunfire broke out.

“I just heard some shots,” said Waddell, who has been living in the Marcy Houses for three decades.  “People were running this way, and that way.  They all scattered.”

He said one of the wounded boys was on a bench, the other lying nearby under scaffolding.

Just who opened fire and why, is still under investigation.  As of Saturday afternoon, 16 people were being questioned at the 79th Precinct.  Six shell casings have been recovered, and Dontea Bascom’s cousin has so far not cooperated with police, according to law enforcement sources.

A Marcy Houses resident, identifying herself only as Janice, said the gun violence is ongoing.

“We need more police out here.  They also need more community activities for these kids, so they don’t actually feel like they have to hang around in the projects and act silly,” said Janice.