‘Nurse’ cat cuddles, comforts recovering pets at animal shelter

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(PIX11) — A black cat crossing your path may be universally understood as a bad omen, but that isn’t the case for sick pets recovering at an animal shelter in Poland.

Radamenes was suffering from a respiratory infection so bad that vets in Bydgoszcz were convinced he would need to be put down, according to Polish station TVN Meteo.

His recovery was described by veterinarians as “miraculous,” who were surprised to see Radamenes cleaning and cuddling with other sick patients, particularly animals who’d undergone serious operations.

Shelter employees jokingly refer to Radamenes as a full-time nurse, calling him their mascot.

Radamenes has become a local attraction, with animal lovers traveling near and far to see the comforting feline.

His story further proves that the power of hope and love may be the world’s greatest healer.

Looks like cat aren’t so cold and distant, after all!