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Frustrated straphangers seek L train alternatives amid track repairs

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WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn (PIX11) -- Confusion and frustration as people who usually take the L train into Manhattan on weekends had to figure out an alternative.

"You leave your house on time and it's such a hassle with no L," Ying Zhou told PIX11. "No one wants to take a shuttle bus in Williamsburg."

But that was what was being offered.

Free shuttle buses were being provided to Bedford and Marcy Avenues so people could take the J train into Manhattan but still lots of tourists and Brooklynites didn't quite know what to do.

Two Israeli tourists were totally confused."I don't know what is usually like, but I do 't know where I am going," said one as she boarded a shuttle bus.

One MTA bus driver said "after today, it'll be less confusing. This was a necessary evil, track repairs."

This is the first of five consecutive weekends where they'll be no service on the L from Metropolitan Avenue and Lorimer street in Brooklyn all the way to the end of the line at Eighth Avenue in Manhattan.

The MTA says they must upgrade and maintain the tracks because of new demand for extra trains.

It's all because Williamsburg has become a popular tourist destination and now business owners wonder how the L weekend shutdown until May 18th will affect them.

"A lot of people take L train to get here," Dave Urbanos, co-owner of Sugarburg told PIX11. "Now they have a subway drop them off 12 blocks away, at least. We'll see how it affects business."