Mystery lingers around two men found dead next to LIRR tracks

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BOROUGH PARK, Brooklyn (PIX11) -- Detectives and medical technicians still try to figure out how two bodies ended up next to LIRR freight railroad tracks, where they pass under 60th Street, near 16th Avenue in Borough Park, Brooklyn.

The two men may have died at the scene, or their bodies may have been dumped there, or they may have even been struck by a train.  A full day after their bodies were found, just what happened to them is still unclear. "It is true, it is true, a mystery, that's exactly what it is," said Jackie Lopez, who lives right across the street from the freight railroad tracks.

"We would've heard if they were fighting, because my window is right over them," Lopez said.  "I think somebody came and did that to them."

Investigators aren't saying what their leads are at this point, but according to witnesses, a homeless man went to police just before sundown Thursday to tell them that the bodies of two men were under the overpass.  The bodies were about ten feet apart, apparently under some plastic bags in the debris strewn area.

"It's very scary," said a woman whose business is right next to where the bodies were found.  She did not want to give her name, since the case is still open.  "To lose their lives that way, I'm speechless, I'm shocked."  She was referring to the fact that it's suspected that the men were homeless.

"It's just a sad situation," said Gloria Colon, who lives nearby.  She said that she suspects that the two men were among a handful of men who often camp out under the bridge over the railroad tracks.  "They're homeless, they're immigrants," Colon told PIX11 News. "but they keep living down there. They've beeen living there for the longest."

Police investigators did not have far to travel in this case, which is being treated as a homicide.  The 66th precinct is just under a block from the crime scene.

Witnesses said that they saw the man who'd alerted police to the bodies leave the scene with investigators for questioning.  Other men who live by the tracks have not been spotted since the incident, either.  The shopping carts they typically push around the neighborhood sat idle on Friday, leaving neighbors to speculate that they're being questioned by detectives.

Those detectives, meanwhile, await autopsy results on the men whose lifeless bodies somehow ended up next to the tracks.

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