Rare form of amnesia causes 38-year-old woman to wake up thinking she’s 15

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(PIX11)-- Naomi Jacobs claims she went to bed at the age of 38, but woke up convinced she was 15 and living in 1992.

Sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what happened to this Manchester resident in 2008, as a result of a rare form of amnesia. Jacobs told the BBC that she was most shocked when she discovered she had an 11 year old son living in her house.

“Everything from fear to joy from seeing this child that I didn't have any memory of giving birth to, but knew undoubtedly that he was mine because he looked so much like me, to terror of having the responsibility of this small child,” she said.

After seeing a psychologist, Jacobs was diagnosed with transient global amnesia, a sudden, temporary episode of memory loss, which is mostly brought on by stress.

At the time, Jacobs had recently separated from the father of her child, was studying for a psychology degree and trying to keep her homeopathy business afloat. Her memory returned to normal after eight weeks.

Jacobs is telling her intriguing story in a memoir, “Forgotten Girl,” expected to be released April 23rd.

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