Nanny cam records child being burned on stove, beaten: police

Posted at 11:43 AM, Apr 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-16 11:44:56-04

(Lidia Quilligana)

DANBURY, Conn. (PIX11/AP) — Police say video from a nanny cam shows a baby sitter beating a 3-year-old Connecticut girl and burning her on a hot stove.

Lidia Quilligana is in custody on a first-degree assault charge that carries a 20-year prison sentence. Following her arrest in late March, bail was set at $1 million after a prosecutor who saw the video argued for an increase from $100,000 that was initially set.

Danbury Police Officer Thomas Geanuracos wrote in the arrest report that the video shows Quilligana put the child’s hands on what appeared to be hot stove burners, according to Hearst Connecticut Media Group.

“I observed Quilligana repeatedly take (her) by the wrist and put her hands on what appeared to be hot stove burners,” the officer said. “I observed Quilligana at one point jump on (the child) while she was lying on the ground and it appeared Quilligana applied all of her weight onto her and then pulled her pants and underwear down and spanked her …”

According to the News Times, the little girl’s mother told police when she returned home to find her daughter with a black eye and “Lidia, my nanny, told me that they had made pancakes and when she wasn’t watching, my daughter had pushed her little chair up to the stove and burned herself, and that she got the black eye by hitting herself on the stove knob cover when she fell.”

The footage captured by the nanny cam showed Quilligana forcing the girl to eat something so scalding it blistered her mouth, police told the paper.  When the 3-year-old tried to turn her head away, Quilligana allegedly beat her, smacking her across the face so hard that they child fell to the ground each time.

“It is one of the most horrific things I have ever seen,” said Senior State’s Attorney Deborah Mabbett. “You can hear the child screaming on the video as she is trying to get away.”

The 31-year-old Quilligana has not entered a plea. Hearst Connecticut Media Group said her lawyer, Jennifer Tunnard, was not available for comment Wednesday. She did not immediately return a call early Thursday morning.