Jurors begin deliberations in case of Etan Patz, boy who went missing in 1979

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NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. (PIX11)-- After more than 10 weeks of testimony, the fate of Pedro Hernandez in the hands of the jury.

Prosecutors say Hernandez's 2012 confession that he lured a 6 year old Etan Patz to a bodega basement in SoHo, and strangled the child is reliable and supported by circumstantial evidence. They believe the admission came after years of struggling with his conscience.

They presented witnesses who claimed Hernandez made similar statements about killing a child over the years.

Hernandez was a teenage clerk at the bodega back in 1979, and admitted to investigators that he lured the boy to the basement of the SoHo bodega with the promise of a soda, then choked him until he was unconscious, boxed his body and put it out with the trash. The body was never found.

But the defense attorney's say the confession was a fiction, a product of a mentally challenged mind with a low IQ and a false belief in his guilt following a seven hour interrogation and longtime suspect and convicted pedophile Jose Ramos, who had a connection with Patz's babysitter, is the real killer.

Ramos is currently doing time in Pennsylvania for raping two little boys in the early 80s.

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