‘I’m inside a plane!’: Hear the panicked 911 call after man wakes up in airplane’s cargo hold

Posted at 4:36 PM, Apr 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-04-16 16:36:21-04

SEATTLE (PIX11) – An airport worker who apparently dozed off inside the cargo hold of an Alaska Airlines 737 made one of the more bizarre 911 calls ever after he woke up to find the plane already in the air.

“Hello, 911?” asks the operator.

“Hello, I’m trapped in this plane and I’ve called my job but I’m in this pane,” said the Seattle-Tacoma airport worker.

“You’re where?”

“I’m inside a plane and I feel like it’s up moving in the air.  Please tell somebody to stop it.”

Not quite understanding why that was an emergency, the operator asks, “Where are you in a plane?”

“I’m in the air, flight 448 can you ask somebody to stop it?”

The dispatcher asks, “Are you at the airport?”

The worker starts yelling something, but his garbled cries fade away as the Los Angeles-bound flight continues climbing.  In his desperation, the worker began banging on the inside of the compartment and passengers heard the noise.  Alarmed, they alerted the crew and the plane turned back to the airport.

According to KOMO News, the section of the plane where the man was trapped is temperature-controlled and pressurized.  One of the man’s co-workers — he’s part of a four-person baggage loading team — noticed there were only three of them working, but after texting and calling his co-worker without an answer, he assumed the fourth baggage handler had gone home.

The worker was checked in at a local hospital for treatment as a precaution and released.  According to the airlines, he passed a drug test Monday afternoon.