10 things to know before your child turns 10

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(PIX11)-- Dr. Mary Ellen Renna, a pediatrician and author of “Growing Up Healthy,” shares her advice for 10 things every parent should know before their children turn 10.

10. YOUR KID IS NOT SPECIAL: And feeling that way in the real world will not help them but instead can cause them isolation. They will have a feeling of entitlement that will hinder them (does not mean you shouldn’t love and praise them and tell them that they are the most wonderful people in your life) SO stop telling them they are special. Your child is the center of YOUR world but NOT the center of THE world.

9. STOP MICROMANAGING: Let them remember if they have a project due or a test on Wednesday. It’s their work, not yours.

8 BE THE BOSS: Parents have lost the ability/desire to be the boss. We are letting 3-year-olds run the household. They are too young to decide what is good for them or not. I had a parent ask a 5 year old whether she wanted a flu shot or not! The parent needs to remember that they are in charge... no matter what!

7. KNOW YOUR CHILD'S FRIENDS: Especially as he gets older. Maintain an open communication so you know who he is hanging with, where they are and what they are doing.

6. DON'T MAKE A DOCTOR OUT OF A NOVELIST: They are not you! No matter how many similar traits you see in your child, they are not you and don't try to make them you. Let them flourish in the direction they want to flourish in instead of the direction you want.

5. DON'T BE THEIR FRIEND: But always let them know that you are approachable. Parents don’t want their kids to ‘not like’ them so they are afraid to parent. This of course says more about the parents and their insecurities but it trickles down and has a tremendously negative impact on the child.

4. ALWAYS BE AN EXAMPLE: Your child is always watching and copying you. Your habits become their habits -- that means eating well, exercising, staying calm, reading as relaxation, being a good part of your family.

3. BE A TEACHER: You are your child’s most important teacher. Start teaching the right way from the beginning. For example, teach them how to eat right -- start to get it right from the day they are born. It’s so easy when they are young if you do it right.

2. SHOW THEM HOW TO PROBLEM SOLVE:  An 8 year old can Google almost anything and find an answer with little to no effort…they have lost the ability to problem solve…teach them how without the internet…teach them how to look a problem and write down the steps to solve it.

1. LET THEM FAIL: You can’t make sure your child succeeds all the time and making it right for them never teaches them how to deal with disappointment… FAILURE TEACHES THEM HOW TO SUCCEED.

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