The MOMS’ tips for co-parenting

Posted: 7:04 AM, Apr 13, 2015
Updated: 2015-04-13 09:13:37-04

(PIX11) -- The MOMS' Melissa Museun Gerstein offers these tips for co-parenting:

1. Provide back-up: Make it a rule that if one parent disciplines the kids, the other parent must back them up, even if they do not agree

2. Talk about parenting decisions when you are calm: Grab a coffee or go into another room away from the children to better understand each other over the situation.

3. Empathize with your child, but don’t throw your spouse under the bus: Never, ever, insult the other parent in front of the kids. This will cause future damage to your children.

4. Take a time-out: Rather than getting into a battle of who’s right and who’s wrong, focus on working on a plan. Take a time-out if you need one. Try taking a walk, go do something else, or take a drive.

5. Is it time for professional help?: If there is never a way to understand each other or co-parent, it might be time for some professional help.