Dozens come out to Clifton adoption drive for National Pet Day

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CLIFTON, N.J. (PIX11)-- Pet lovers turned out for an adoption drive at a PetValu store in Clifton Saturday. Some chose to give their furry friend a bath on National Pet Day. While others considered adoption.

"She loves them and she’s been asking for one so we’re like lets check it out," said mom Hope Gergatsoulis, her 3-year-old daughter jumping up and down at the sight of several-week-old kittens.

On site were rescue specialists, including Chris Conte who runs the Secaucus Animal Shelter. She stressed the importance of repeat meetings between the potential owner and the pet to ensure it's a good match.

"They think, 'Oh, they’re so cute'. They adopt the puppies and then once they grow, they don’t know what to do with them. They don’t know how to train them, and then they bring them back to shelters," said Conte.

Conte says she tries to find the best home for dozens of dogs and cats each year. The majority of her dogs have been rescued from southern states, where shelters often kill the animals if a suitable home can't be found quickly. The good news is, Conte says as the weather improves, so do the rate of pet adoptions.

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