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Controversial statue finds home in Brooklyn, leaves eyesore at Queens Borough Hall

Posted: 8:49 PM, Apr 09, 2015
Updated: 2015-04-09 20:49:44-04

BOROUGH HALL, Queens (PIX11) -- A controversial statue has finally found a home in Brooklyn but leaves an eyesore behind in Queens.

The statue is called the Triumph of Civic Virtue. It has been shuffled around New York City for about a century.

In 1940, Mayor LaGuardia had the statue removed from City Hall in Manhattan to new Queens Borough Hall. Reports say he did not enjoy the sight as he exited city hall. In 2012, the city of New York moved the statue to Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn from Queens Borough Hall.

For years, some people criticized it as sexist, as it depicted a man standing above women. Others have suggested the statue symbolizes the struggle with temptation that all people deal with.

But what will become of the empty space at Queens Borough Hall? The city and the office of the Queens Borough President is considering landscaping the area and adding plants to honor the women leaders of the borough.

Richard Iritano and the members of Civic Virtue Task Force question the deal that gave the statue to the cemetery in Brooklyn for an undefined amount of time.