Mummified body unearthed in alleged hoarder daughter’s home

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SAN FRANCISCO (PIX11) — A gruesome discovery was made inside the home of a suspected hoarder: the woman’s deceased mother whose body had become mummified among the mess, authorities said.

Police in San Francisco believe the body is that of Anna Ragin, 90. Neighbors said they hadn’t seen Anna Ragin for at least seven or eight years, but they have seen her daughter — 65-year-old Carolyn Ragin — often walking a dog.

Police said a tax consultant called them after the woman’s daughter tried to get tax advice and revealed her secret about her mother’s body.

When officers came to the home last week, they saw piles and piles of trash.

“I felt really sorry for Carolyn because she’s a very nice person,” neighbor Sharon Kish said. Kish had known Ragin for some 20 years.

She believes, like all the other trash in the home, Ragin couldn’t let her mother go and was hoarding the body.

“I saw her three days ago and I said, ‘Is your mother still with us?’ And she said, ‘Yes.’ Delusional? She was still with her. She was. She was still with her,” Kish recalled.

It took workers a few days to remove the trash before they discovered the body on Saturday.

Aside from the body, Supervisor Eric Mar said workers found toxic mold, 300 bottles of urine and all kinds of infestation. Firefighters had to wear masks to go inside.

Kish hopes her friend can get the help she needs.

“Saddened that she couldn’t let her mother go, and that’s what that was all about,” Kish said.

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