Brawl erupts on MTA bus between elderly man and group of women

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BROOKLYN (PIX11) -- What started as an argument between an older man and a young woman on the bus ended with an all out fist-throwing, hair-pulling brawl.

The incident, which reportedly took place on a MTA bus somewhere in Brooklyn, was caught on cell phone video and posted online by Mediatakeout on Wednesday. It is not known when the incident actually happened.

The video starts as an argument between one of the young women and an older man in a red hat with a white beard begins to heat up. The woman starts yelling at the man, "do something, do something!"

The man then hits the woman with a backpack prompting several more women to jump in and start hitting the man. One woman even takes off her shoe and throws it at him. He is seen kicking at the crowd until he is eventually able to grab the hair of one of the women and yanks her back.

Another woman starts yelling about a knife.

"Gimme that knife, gimme that knife," the woman is heard screaming. No knife was seen in the clip. No injuries have been reported.

Many people were seen fleeing the bus, but one passenger eventually stepped in and broke up the brawl.

PIX 11 News showed the footage to Dr. Jeff Gardere, a clinical psychologist. Dr. Gardere said when it comes to young women and physical aggression, “when they get together with other girls it becomes more of a psychological gang mentality so that when one young woman acts out, another will act out.”

The NYPD was not immediately aware of the incident until contacted by the Daily News for comment. No charges have been filed.



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