With spring looming, LI dad launches campaign to ‘Save Our Snowman’

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MASSAPEQUA PARK (PIX11) - While the rising temperature of spring spell relief, even joy for most -- it spells certain death for one inanimate New Yorker, the snowman that sits on Mike Fregoe's lawn in Massapequa Park.

Fregoe and his family have been building up the snowman since January 25, at one point reaching 10 feet two inches in height.  Now, however, the snowman is shrinking and the family has created a Facebook page to help build him back.

"We're looking for the white fluffy stuff, maybe up in Connecticut, Vermont or the East End," Fregoe said.

When asked if he had seen the movie Frozen (spoiler alert), Fregoe said he had, but didn't anticipate a similar fate for his snowman.

"Oh I know there'll be a different ending, my young daughter Julia asked me about it and we decided to do is when he gets smaller we'll take a snowball and put it in the freezer as a snow-seed of sorts for next year."

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