Wannabe rapper gets life in prison in NYC murder case

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NEW YORK (AP) — A reputed street gang leader has been sentenced to life in prison following a New York City trial that featured his amateur rap videos.

A judge Thursday announced the sentencing of 33-year-old Ronald Herron, who was found guilty in a Brooklyn federal court last year of multiple counts of murder, racketeering and drug trafficking.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis sentenced Herron to 12 life terms plus 105 years, saying the amateur rapper has “shown a complete lack of remorse for (his) abhorrent conduct,” The New York Times reports.

Herron seemed defiant in the wake of his sentencing, saying the court created “an atmosphere of guilt.”

“You can sentence me to 10 life sentences,” he told the court, according to the New York Post. “But I am only going to die one time. God have mercy on all of us.”

During the trial, prosecutors showed jurors videos of Herron rhyming about carrying guns and spilling the blood of rivals. The government argued the recordings were proof of his status as the violent leader of a Bloods faction called the Murderous Mad Dogs.

Before trial, the defense had unsuccessfully argued that the videos should be off-limits because they’re free speech. Herron testified that his lyrics were “exaggeration” and “hyberbole.”

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