East Village explosion victim reunited with lost cats, other pets remain missing

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EAST VILLAGE, N.Y. (PIX11)– A woman who lost all of her material possessions during the fatal East Village explosion was reunited with her two missing cats Wednesday, ending a desperate search some pet owners are still dealing with.

Kathleen Blomberg lived in 125 Second Ave. for the past 21 years before a deadly blast obliterated her home and of many others last Thursday. While much of what she owned was either burned or destroyed, her cats Sebastian and Kitty Cordelia were missing since, sparking a social media crusade to find them.

She put out a plea on her Facebook page, urging people to help find her missing feline babies.

…I was told today that the top 2 floors are pretty much destroyed due to the severe water damage and probably smoke as well. I expected as much. My 2 cats, my beloved fur babies, have been missing since the explosion, Seemingly, I now have nothing. But if my babies come back safe, I actually have EVERYTHING. I have my life!…

Blomberg also posted on her Instagram about her lost kitties:

However, as fate would have it, NYPD and ASPCA members found them underneath a bed on one of the top floor apartments.

In addition to the reunion with her pets, Blomberg has nearly amassed $5,000 on her GoFundMe page.

Multiple other pets went missing in the aftermath of the blast. Pet owners and neighbors have been posting on Washington Square Garden blog with updates on their searches. At least five cats (pictures below) and a pitbull named Pepper are still missing.

On March 26, an explosion at 121 Second Ave. killed two, injured 22 and displaced more than 80 people.