Coyote sighting in Queens has some residents concerned and others suspicious

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LONG ISLAND CITY (PIX11) – It’s definitely something you don’t see every day especially in Queens. A wild coyote roaming the rooftop of a popular bar as residents look on.

Described as being large and “very healthy-looking,” the animal was spotted strolling across the roof of L.I.C. Bar on Vernon Boulevard Monday.

Its unclear how it got there or what the animal was even doing on the roof but it didn’t stop Jennifer Sanchez, a vet tech who works in the area, from investigating.

“He actually got scared when he saw me,” Sanchez who climbed up to the bar’s roof, told PIX11 News. “He like peed a little bit and then he started moving around in a weird way and then I realized this isn’t a dog.”

Officers who responded to the scene were unsuccessful in capturing the coyote after it evaded them, running into a broken window of a nearby warehouse.

“To hear that there is a coyote this far in Queens [and] being able to look at a rooftop in search for a coyote with the Manhattan skyline behind it is pretty surreal!” neighbor Jon-Paul Bourchard said.

If this story couldn’t get anymore stranger, the musical guest at the L.I.C. Bar Monday night was no other than a musician named Coyote Anderson.

While some would agree that that’s just a coincidence, residents like Lourdes Diaz have their own theories.

“I’m suspicious about it. I don’t think its possible that he can get up there,” she said. “That was planted.”

Believe it or not, coyote sightings in the Big Apple aren’t as rare as people may think.

In recent months, coyotes have been captured on the Upper West Side and Stuy-town.

This, while Long Island City’s own coyote remains at large according to Animal Care & Control.

Residents who spot a coyote or any wild animal are urged to call 3-1-1.

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