Long Islanders fed up as snow continues to fall into spring

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CORAM, N.Y. (PIX11) -- Baseball season officially starts one week from today and it's already officially spring on the calendar, but that didn't stop several inches of snow from falling on parts of Suffolk County on Saturday.

Residents say they're growing increasingly impatient for warmer weather.

“I am a winter person. I love the winter, said Myra Best of Coram "But, this time, I’ve had enough."

“Holy mackerel. It’s snowing, and its spring," said Joanne Bates of Farmingville.

The fresh snowfall left homes looking more outfitted for Christmas lights than Spring flowers. But much of it is already melting away.

Even kids say they're over it, opting for warmer weather over the potential for any more snow days.

"We’re looking forward to swimming, the beach and the park," said Bates, "We're just done with snowmen."