Illinois town posts signs asking people to ‘stop pooping on bike path’

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Hampton, IL (WQAD) -- The new signs simply imply one thing, but the problem on the bike bath is far worse than you thought, in the town of Hampton, Illinois.Two new signs have been added along the bike path, saying, "Stop pooping on bike path." Most think it's a message for dogs, but actually it's a message for humans."It's just pretty nasty to talk about," said Scott McKay, Hampton's Public Works supervisor.

McKay says it's been a problem for two years and he knows it's human poop being left on the bike path.

"Well animals don't carry toilet paper and then stuff it on the top," said McKay.

McKay says the person leaves toilet paper on top of the poop every single time. It's a mystery to many as to why someone would do it, especially when there are public restrooms nearby.

"It's gross and other people shouldn't have to use our path like that," said McKay.

McKay hopes the new signs will get their message across.

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