Woman treks around the world via bike, rowboat and kayak

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NEW YORK (PIX11) -- At just 29, Sarah Outen has clocked in enough hours in transit that would rival a seasoned pilot. The big difference is this: she’s on a self-powered expedition.

The British adventurer has rowed, cycled and kayaked across the planet and she is set to become the first woman to complete the historic feat without the help of plane, train or automobile.

In a journey that started back in 2011 in London, Outen kayaked to France. From there, she cycled 11,000 miles across Europe and then got back into the kayak to paddle from Russia to Japan. Despite some bad weather slowing her down, she eventually made her way across the Pacific to Alaska. After cycling an epic 5,000 miles across Canada and the United States, she found her way here to New York.

“It’s kind of addictive really,” Outen told PIX11 News of what keeps her motivated. “Once you start journeying like that you just want to see more of it and I’d say that’s what mostly keeps me going I guess.”

Raising funds for charity and inspiring others to overcome obstacles are also fueling her trek, one that continues this week as she gets ready to depart from Cape Cod and head back home to London via rowing boat.

When it comes to New York, according to Outen, the hustle and bustle is real.

“I’ve had more close calls in the last few days cycling around [New York City] than I have probably in the past few years. You know like cars being sort of right here and almost squashing me.”

Outen is expected to reach London by Fall 2015.