Three firefighters hurt when blaze breaks out on Fire Island

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LONG ISLAND (PIX11/AP) — Three firefighters were hurt battling a blaze that broke out on Fire Island early Friday and was still burning hours later, officials said.

The blaze was sparked about 1:30 a.m. in Cherry Grove, according to Suffolk County fire officials.

A fire spokesperson was unsure the number of buildings on fire, but said “many” were ablaze and that the fire was affecting “the entire downtown business district” near Holly Walk and Bayview Walk.

Two landmark buildings were destroyed in the blaze — an apartment complex called the Holly House and the Grove Hotel. Two private dwellings also burned down, and three others were damaged.  None of the buildings in the fire were occupied at the time.

Three firefighters suffered minor injuries while fighting the blaze and were taken to a hospital, according to Cherry Grove Assistant Fire Chief Craig Williams.

Nine mainland fire departments, seven mainland ambulance companies and all of Fire Island’s fire departments were on the scene.

An investigation into the cause of the fast-moving blaze is ongoing.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.