NJ State police to crackdown on reckless drivers this weekend

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NEW JERSEY (PIX11) -- If you plan on being on the roads this weekend, you may want to be extra careful. State Police are cracking down on drivers in 16 states, spanning the entire length of Route I-95 on the east coast.

They’re looking for people speeding, distracted or not wearing a seat belt. "They’re basically looking for aggressive drivers," said N.J. State Police Sgt. John Conners.

The goal is to reduce accidents, fatalities and injuries. Already underway, the police will be pulling people over through Sunday. Their efforts are apart of a national initiative to try and reduce the number of people killed on highways each year by over 33,000.

Tractor trailers were target for enforcement during the work week. But as of this weekend, state police say they’ll be looking to pull over passenger vehicles.

Last year, a fatal crash on the NJ Turnpike that critically injured comedian Tracy Morgan forced traffic safety into the spotlight. He was traveling back from a show in Delaware when the limo van he was riding in was struck by a Walmart tractor trailer. Comedian James McNair was killed.

Sgt. John Conners said on Friday that accidents like this, are the kind the State Police are working to prevent. "We’d like to eliminate them as well as the injuries and fatalities related to them."