How to spot a fake cab in New York City

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NEW YORK CITY (PIX11) -- Attention is on the Big Apple’s ubiquitous taxis after a Redditor shared photos warning fellow New Yorkers and any visitors of an “impressively fake” cabbie whose yellow car, phony medallion number and seemingly fraudulent license plates could fool any distracted pedestrian looking for a ride.

The poster said he noticed two credit card machines -- one, suspects, to charge the rider and the other to skim the credit card information to use again later.

The city's Taxi and Limousine Commission is investigating the matter.

Being busy on a cellphone or just in a rush to get across town could leave even the most veteran New Yorkers vulnerable to hopping into the wrong car.

That’s why PIX11 News compiled this checklist that could help you determine whether the car you’re about to get into is legitimate:

  • All official taxicab license plates will start with the letter “T” and end with the letter “C” or the letters “TLC” will be written underneath the plate number
  • Always check that there is a letter among the medallion numbers. This identifying code will be posted on the roof and side of the car
  • Make sure there’s a medallion on the hood -- if it’s not there, you’re not dealing with an official driver