Comedian and SNL alum Colin Quinn stars in new web-series ‘Cop Show’

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(PIX11)-- Comedian and Saturday Night Live (SNL) alum Colin Quinn talks about his new web series, which he writes and stars in called "Cop Show."

"Cop Show" is a brace, bold new show that takes on the issues the other cops shows are afraid to deal with.

The eight-episode comedy series, which takes a fictional behind-the-scenes at Colin Quinn trying to make an NYC cop drama, will feature Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Norton, Amy Schumer, Jim Gaffigan, SNL's Michael Che, Peter Grosz, Griffin Newsman and other special guest stars in each episode.

Colin also has a new book that he has written called "Coloring Book," which will be coming out in June.

It deals with Colin growing up in New York City as well as race and seeing that growing up.