How this NYPD tactic can be used for conflict resolution–peacefully

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(PIX11)-- Dr. Darrin Porcher, former NYPD Lieutenant, discussed what "Verbal Judo" is and how it can be used to defuse a volatile situation.

According to Porcher, there are four tactics to verbal judo:

  • Using soft words
  • Stay away from trigger words
  • Don't use hostile body language
  • Speak from a distance

Porcher says the main element from verbal judo is deescalate a tense situation without conflict. The execution focuses on using soft words such as "please," "I'm sorry," and "thank you."

Additionally, Porcher says to stay away from trigger words such as "I said," "You better," and body language that can be interpreted as hostile. Also, try to speak from a distance of at least ten feet or greater.

Verbal judo focuses on giving a person a respectful exit from a situation with dignity. it is a technique taught to police officers which is now referred to as smart policing.

Although it is taught to police officers, it can also be utilized by the public.